Air Cooled Rectifiers

Need rectifiers fast for your cathodic protection project? Check out our NEMA-3R air-cooled quick-turn rectifiers—they ship in just 2-3 days.

Custom air cooled rectifiers from JA Electronics bring quality and durability to your corrosion prevention project. Heavy duty transformers are used, with 20% over-design capacity on all rectifiers. Contact us with your project specifications.

Air Cooled Rectifier Standard Features:

  • Convection air cooled, pole or wall mounted
  • TGIC dry powder coated aluminum enclosure
  • Removable chassis or assemblies for serviceability
  • Fully magnetic circuit breaker
  • Heavy duty transformer with 20% over design capacity
  • 24 output settings (4 coarse and 6 fine tap adjustments)
  • DC output volt and amp meters, with +/- 2% accuracy
  • Silicon modular diode rectifier bridge, with A.C. and D.C. zinc oxide varistor (ZNR) surge protection
  • A.C. and D.C. lightning arrestors
  • Single or 3-phase input
  • A.C. Sec.(1), D.C. Neg., and spare high speed fuses

Optional Features:

  • Fully magnetic circuit breakers in place of fuses
  • 304/316 SST enclosure
  • Raw Aluminum enclosure
  • Efficiency Filter Choke
  • Auto-Potential control
  • Customized options to meet your requirements
  • Customized Cabinet sizes/height
  • Pedestal/Base mount (specify height)
  • Remote Monitoring Provisions

The custom air cooled rectifier category contains the following types:

Custom Standard (CSA) Air Cooled Rectifiers

Air Cooled Rectifier - Custom Standard

Front and side doors swing open on hinges, and are also removable, for maximum serviceability. Clear Lexan safety cover and separate DC output volt and amp meters.

Swingout Series (SWOM) Rectifiers

Swingout Air Cooled Rectifier

The Swingout series of cathodic protection rectifiers offers JA Electronics quality in a convenient, easy access enclosure. All components mounted on removable chassis. Clear Lexan safety cover and separate DC output volt and amp meters.

Econoline SD Air Cooled Rectifiers

EconolineSD Air Cooled Rectifier

The Econoline SD single-door air cooled rectifier from JA Electronics offers low initial cost, and is powered by dual AC input voltage. All components are mounted on a single removable chair-rack assembly. Standard features include pole mounting; contact us for base, wall, or platform mounting.

Econoline UT (Utility Series) Rectifiers

EconolineUT Air Cooled Rectifiers

The Econoline UT air cooled rectifier series is designed for pole or wall mounting, and powered by a single AC input voltage. Standard features include a single combination volt/amp meter. Designed for space-critical applications; all rectifier components are mounted on a removable rack assembly.

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