Solar Cathodic Protection Units

JA Electronics provides modern solar cathodic protection units to power your impressed current corrosion prevention systems where AC mains cannot reach.

JA Electronics manufactures the Omega II® solar-powered cathodic protection controller for the corrosion prevention industry. These controllers differ from cathodic protection rectifiers because they are powered by the sun’s energy rather than by commercial AC power.

Some engineers call them solar rectifiers because they provide power to the impressed current cathodic protection system in the same way as a mains-powered rectifier.

Solar Power Cathodic Protection Features

All JA Electronics solar-powered solutions use the patented Omega II circuitry to provide a durable, proven solar cathodic protection controller for system control and longevity. Since 1998, we have provided many complete solar-powered cathodic protection systems and retrofit units for installation across the USA.

Reliable Kyocera® solar arrays power these units (manufacturer warranties applicable) and gel-cell batteries made specifically for solar applications ensure efficient storage of solar power to protect your structures. These controllers deliver the same quality and performance that have built JA Electronics’ reputation for excellence in corrosion prevention.

Even if the majority of your project is within reach of AC mains for cathodic protection, you may be able to improve the protection of your overall system by installing one or more solar-powered units in areas where commercial power is not convenient.

Base- and Pole-Mount Solar Cathodic Protection Systems Available

Solar-powered cathodic protection units are supplied in base-mount and pole-mount varieties. The pole-mount solution includes a two-piece pole and enclosure assembly for easy installation and maintenance. The pole assembly is also used as a conduit for the ground bed leads.

For installations requiring a large number of solar panels or additional batteries, a base-mount solution is also available. On all JA Electronics solar products, separate day and night output control is provided to allow reduced output at night. The two outputs may be set at any time of the day or night.

Only mil-spec components are used in our solar-powered controller boards. These systems are equipped with over-current and over-voltage protection on the input and output. In addition, they are protected from lightning damage on the input and output sides.

Solar Cathodic Protection Warranty

All solar units from JA Electronics are covered by a one-year warranty against defects in components and craftsmanship.

Other Standard Features

  • Teflon® wire in heat-sensitive areas of the solar electronics for improved durability
  • Voltage and current analog output meters
  • Provisions for remote monitoring
  • Tamper-proof hardware is provided where applicable
  • Enclosure/pole assembly fabricated from 0.125 ga. 5052-H32 aluminum and painted with TGIC powder polyester paint

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