Omega 2 Controllers

Omega II® Cathodic Protection Bridge/Controller

The Omega II controller provides an extremely low ripple DC output, to improve the quality of your impressed current cathodic protection system. In the images below, notice that the AC component of the unfiltered output of a rectifier system measures over 8.8v RMS, while it is less than 0.1v in the Omega II system output.

Standard Silicon Full-Wave bridge

Omega II Bridge/Controller Waveform

The Omega II bridge/controller can be installed in new cathodic protection rectifiers, or a replacement kit can be provided for existing rectifier units. With this technology from JA Electronics, the output power to your protected structures has 5% or less output ripple, compared to 45% ripple on standard units.

The patented Omega II technology has been proven in Industrial Drives, UPS Systems, and other critical reliability applications. Today it is installed in all JA Electronics solar-powered impressed current systems. And you can put it to work in your corrosion prevention system.

Other Standard Features

  • 5 – 100% DC output adjustment capabilities using dial potentiometer
  • Easy to install, operate, and maintain
  • Compact design, with dial adjust knob
  • Constant voltage mode operation
  • Current limiting and over-current protection through “fold-back” voltage
  • Controls and regulates the DC output, rather than the AC input of the transformer/rectifier
  • No decrease in rectifier efficiency on the low end output
  • Provisions for remote monitoring and remote control
  • Automatic shutdown under short-circuit conditions
  • Available in DC ratings of 25 amps and 50 amps

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