Specialty Rectifiers and Equipment

JA Electronics designs and builds custom cathodic protection solutions to your exact specifications.

Portable Test Rectifiers

Quickly and efficiently determine your rectifier and groundbed needs with a portable test rectifier from JA Electronics. Powered by single-phase AC power from mains, generator or inverter, and enclosed in a dry powder coated aluminum enclosure, these rectifiers save time and money by getting your system designed accurately the first time. And later, they may be quickly applied to troubleshooting and testing of existing groundbeds, casings, and interference crossings. Connects to your CP project groundbed with DC clamp leads.

Service Station Rectifiers

Designed and manufactured especially for cathodic protection of storage tanks and underground piping, the service station line of air-cooled cathodic protection system rectifiers delivers JA Electronics’ signature quality and value. Standard features include a heavy-duty transformer with 20% over design capacity, elapsed time hour meter, fully magnetic circuit breaker, separate DC volt and amp continuous read meters, and AC and DC failure lights.

Standard Features

  • Convection air cooled
  • 0.125 ga. TGIC dry powder coated aluminum enclosure
  • Wall mounted
  • Fully engraved phenolic panel
  • Fully magnetic circuit breaker
  • Heavy duty transformer with 20% over design capacity
  • 24 output settings (4 coarse and 6 fine taps)
  • Elapsed time hour meter
  • Silicon modular diode rectifier bridge with AC and DC zinc oxide varistor (ZNR) surge protection
  • AC and DC failure light
  • Separate DC volt and amp continuous read meters
  • AC Secondary(1), DC negative, and spare high speed fuses

Optional Features

  • Thermal circuit breaker
  • Auto-potential or manual operation mode
  • Red/green indicator light harness and controller
  • Combination DC volt/amp meter

Omega II Controller

The Omega II bridge/controller provides an extremely low ripple DC output, to improve the quality of your impressed current cathodic protection system, reducing the AC component of the rectifier system output from over 8.8v RMS in an unfiltered system, to less than 0.1v in the Omega II constant-voltage system output. It can be installed in new cathodic protection rectifiers, or a replacement kit can be provided for existing rectifier units. With this technology from JA Electronics, the output power to your protected structures has 5% or less output ripple, compared to 45% ripple on standard units, allowing for maximum design efficiency.

Standard Features

  • 5 – 100% DC output adjustment capabilities using dial potentiometer
  • Easy to install, operate, and maintain
  • Compact design, with dial adjust knob
  • Constant voltage mode operation
  • Current limiting and over-current protection through “fold-back” voltage
  • Controls and regulates the DC output, rather than the AC input of the transformer/rectifier
  • No decrease in rectifier efficiency on the low end output
  • Provisions for remote monitoring and remote control
  • Automatic shutdown under short-circuit conditions
  • Available in DC ratings of 25 amps and 50 amps

Custom Rectifier Designs

JA Electronics designs and builds custom cathodic protection solutions including custom enclosures. Multiple rectifier units per cabinet, special mounting or enclosure needs are available, as well as sun shields fitted to oil-cooled rectifier tanks.

Reverse Current Switches

Provide your pipeline a one-way DC current bond to allow the CP system to do its job, and at the same time protect the CP system from occasional high- or medium-voltage induced currents in the reverse direction. The reverse current switch is a separately enclosed device, built to JA Electronics industry-leading quality standards.